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  • Association of IT professionals We welcome to join and get benefits of all. The unity of IT peoples. Donors & Sponsors are welcome for this program.
  • We do website design and maintenance free for government social service organizations and NGO.
  • vote with pride & ensure free & fair polls
    If any large scale cash movement & gifts call toll free: 1800 452 6669
  • Plan to open shortly, the old age home as in the name of "Senior Citizen Hostel" at chennai by bharath foundation.

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Contact Us

Any suggestions or complaint send to 
Bharath Foundation (Regd.Office)
5/94, mela anuppandi
madurai - 625009
Ph:0452 3241325
Mobile: 9994095525 - R.muthukumar

Consumer Court Consumer Complaint

International Consumer Rights Protection Council

'F' Block, GPO Complex,INA, New Delhi- 110 023 PBX No: 011-24608801, 24608802Fax No: 011-24651505, 24658505Email:

Consumer Courts or Consumer Forum have been established as Redressal Agencies under Consumer Protection Act, 1860 with an object to redress the grievance of Consumers. Consumer Court has similar powers as that of a civil court but not bound to follow the procedure generally followed by civil courts.
A consumer needs not engaze an advocate to file a case in Consumer Court. Any consumer who has a consumer dispute may approach a Consumer Forum and file complaint by his own. However, engazing an advocate may enhance the chances of winning the case in Cons…

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