THE DEED OF DECLARATION OF TRUST has made on this day of                    by R. MUTHUKUMAR, S/o.
M. Ramanathan, residing at 5/94, Bharani Illam, Mela Anuppanadi, Madurai - 625 009, Tamilnadu (INDIA) hereinafter called the Founder & Managing Trustee of the Trust, and he appoints the following Trustees.
1.   R. MUTHUKUMAR, S/o. M. Ramanathan, residing at
5/94, Bharani Illam, Mela Anuppanadi, Madurai - 625 009 as founder & Managing Trustee of the Trust.
3.   M. VIDYA W/o. R. Muthukumar, residing at 5/94, Bharani Illam, Mela Anuppanadi, Madurai - 625 009 as Chairman of the Trust.
4.   Dr. G.A. VISWANATHAN S/o. G.A. Anumanthiyer residing at 4A, B.B. Road, Balarengapuram, Madurai - 625 009 as Trustee.
5.   R. MUTHUKUMAR S/o. S. Ramasamy residing at
50A/2A, Namashivaya Nagar, Manikandan Nagar extension, Villapuram, Madurai - 12 as Trustee.
6.   M. JAHIR HUSSAIN S/o. A. Mohamed Jaleel residing at 12B, Thaikkal 2nd Street, Simmakkal, Madurai - 1 as Trustee.
7.   S. JEYAMATHI W/o. M. Shanmugasundaram residing at 27/9A, AA Private Road, Balarengapuram, Madurai - 9 as Trustee.
8.   S. MOHANASUNDARAM W/o. Somasundaram residing at 45/E56, Duraisamy Road, T.V.S. Nagar, Madurai - 3 as Trustee.
        BHARATH FOUNDATION is a trust established to promote infrastructure facilities for the people in need of education, food, shelter and clothing in general and physically and socially challenged persons in particular.
        AND WHEREAS for the purpose of implementing such a project the Founder has decided to set appointment and settle a sum of Rs. 1000/- (Rupees One Thousand only) on the corpus fund to carry out such a project.
Now this Deed of Trust witnesseth us under :
1.     The name of Trust will be BHARATH FOUNDATION and shall hereinafter be referred to as the Trust.
2.     The Trust shall hold its Registration office at 5/94, Bharani Illam, Mela Anuppanadi, Madurai - 625 009, Tamilnadu (INDIA) or any other place within India, as may be decided by the Board of Trustees from time to time.
        The trust will strive to achieve the following objectives to all irrespective of caste, creed, religion, area, sex etc.
1)   To hold and conduct computer classes, lectures, conferences, seminars and conceptions and to give scholarship, diplomas and certificates and awards as and when thought fit.
2)   To establish to takeover or acquired and maintain and manage educational institutions, hostels, orphanages, charitable organizations training institutes in India.
3)   To establish takeover, or acquire, or maintain and manage creates homes for the old disabled and orphanages and all such other lawful things incidental or conductive to the attainment of the above objects.
4)   To give subscription or donations to any charitable institutions.
5)   To accept, upon such terms as they shall think fit, any donations, grants, subscriptions, aid and contributions from any government, local authority, corporation, firm, company syndicate, association or other person or from any charitable or other institution whether they be in cash or in other movable or immovable property for the purposes of the Trust PROVIDED ALWAYS that the terms upon which they shall be accepted shall not in any ways be inconsistent with or repugnant to the provisions contained in these presents and such donations, grants, aids, subscriptions and contributions shall be applied for all or any other objects of the Trust.
6)   To acquire by purchase, lease or otherwise any property whether movable or immovable or any rights for the purposes of the trust and to sell, give on lease, mortgage or otherwise transfer any such property or rights.
7)   To do all such other lawful things as may be considered incidental or conductive to the attainment of the objects mentioned above.
8)   To train the economically, physically, socially substandard people based on their need and make them economically empowered people.
9)   To take up any Rural Development Program and to conduct the same.
10) To do such other activity / activities for further enhancement of Art, Divine, Literature, Music, etc.
11) To develop the educational and financial status of women development and poor children and to organize the self-help groups for men and women.
12) To encourage sports, music, dance, yoga, meditation, pilgrim, and also.
13) To start and maintain training centers of different technical skills like tailoring, handicrafts work, industrial training institute of the ordinary and technologically highly sophisticated kinds etc.,
14) To train the resourceful rural women in poultry, dairy, piggy, rabittry, hatchery, agricultural, sericulture and other Rural Industries and to motivate them to start small scale industries in their own villages, thus generating employment opportunities for the villages to make them economically self reliant.  To collaborate with the Government and other agencies to provide the technical know-how.
15) To institute and establish scholarship, extend financial help to the economically backward students and thus help them pursue higher studies.
16) To run Hostels, Reading Rooms, Libraries, Meditation Hall, Marriage Halls, Schools and Colleges for the welfare of the poor people.
17) To extend helping hand through voluntary organizations to the people affected by natural calamities, drougtht.
18) To hold special scientific meetings by inviting experts to lecture upon special disease or modes of diagnosis or treatment or upon allied sciences.
19) To subscribe for important journals and periodicals and purchase of books and to give free legal advise the poor people.
20) To promote financial transactions to Trust / Association either by way of receipts (Donation, loan, subsidy) and donation or loan payments from a single person or society, NRI funds, social organizations, government approved projects from banks and any other fund institutions.
21) Mass contact programs to be organized to teach the public importance of pollution free environment and tree planting.
22) Mass contact programs to be organized to teach the public importance of Divine and pilgrim, and free food and hostel.
23) Propagation of Family Planning / AIDS awarness through mass contacts and audio visual aids and conduct computer literacy, social forestry classes.
24) To do all or any of the aforesaid acts and things and such acts and things as are incidental or conducive to the aforesaid aims and objects either alone or in conjunction with others so that the benefits reach all communities irrespective of caste, creed, color, religion or sex.
        The trust will not function in the name of conducting a business activity and not for the purpose of the profit and the same the trust is free from politics.
a)    The Founder of the Trust hereby constitutes Nominates and appoints the Board of Trustees.
b)   The total strength of the Board of Trustees shall be NINE.
c)    R. MUTHUKUMAR shall be the Founder and Managing Trustee of the Trust and he shall be entitled to continue as such during his lifetime.
d)   The other NINE Trustees will hold office as Trustees for the duration of Five Years.
e)    In the case of death, Resignation, etc., of the Trustees, the Founder of the Trust has the Power to appoint his/her nominate in his/her place.
        With a view to carry out the objects of the Trust, herein above mentioned and to submit its funds and administer them and in the discharge of their duties, the Board of Trustees shall have the following powers:-
a)    To receive upon such terms and conditions as they may be deemed fit, donations, subscriptions, in cash or land or building kind from the public, Institutions, Government and Quasi-Government, agencies and similar bodies in India for the said objects of the Trust.
b)   To invest funds from time to time in such securities and in such manner, as may be deemed fit, to alter or very the investment from time to time to realize the investments, to acquire or to sell securites, stocks and shares provided.  No investment would be made which would violate the provisions of section 11 (5) of Income Tax Act, 1961.
c)    To secure on lease or buy, purchase or otherwise to sell, martgage, lease or transfer in any other manner, whatsoever, the properties of the Trust, movable or immovable to construct training institutes, public halls and other buildings, and carry out other improvements thereof  for the purpose of the trust and Manage and deal with properties, movable or immovable and all other assets of the Trust and to raise loans by mortgaging them to repay loans or otherwise and to deal generally with assets or otherwise for the purpose of the Trust.
d)   To receive, collect and realize or cause collection or premium, that accrue or become due on all or any stock, funds, securities, shares, deeds or documents of a like nature, belonging to the Trust.
e)    To borrow for the purpose of the Trust on the Credit of, with or without charge, upon any of the assets of the Trust.
f)    To meet all the necessary expenses incurred, or to be incurred, in connection with the Management of the Trust.
g)    To upon and maintain accounts of any nature in any Nationalized Bank and the Managing Trustee individually or jointly.
h)   To pay out of the Trust funds salaries, wages, rent, reuneration, Building maintenance, repairs and other expenses relating to the Trust and its activities or its other affairs.
i)    To appoint employees on such terms and conditions as the Board may deem fit and to exercise control over all such employees including power of suspension or dismissal from service.
j)    To do all other acts, deeds matters and things, which may be, necessary for carrying out only India and the objects of the Trust.
k)   To appoint committees, sub-committee from among the members of the Board or along with the other and assign duties and seek suggestions for the purpose of the working of the Trust.
l)    To undertake and carry on any other work, which may be deemed necessary by the Board and capable of being conveniently carried on, in connection with and directly or indirectly for the promotion of the objects of the Trust.
m)  The Board of Trustees shall have the powers to delegate all  or any of the power vested in them by their presents to any other Trustees, for the purpose of conveniently Managing and exercising such powers.  The powers enumerated in the entire clause 5 supra shall be exercised.
n)   The Managing Trustee subject to their satisfying the conditions laid down under section 11, 12 & 13 and 60 to 63 of the Income Tax Act, 1961 and amended from time to time, so that the income of Trust shall become exempted from income Tax for each and every assessment year.
o)    The power vested in the Board of Trustees shall be exercised according to the decisions of majority of members of the Board of Trustees and by way of resolutions passed either by circulation or at a meeting of the Board of Trustees.
a)    In addition to the annual meetings, the Board may meet from time to time.
b)   The Managing Trustee of the Trust shall convene the meetings and the Managing Trustee shall preside over the meetings.
c)    The Board shall transact any business that may be specified in the Agenda or otherwise agreed to by the Board Members.
d)   The Board shall also appoint a Chartered Accountant at the annual meeting for the subsequent year.
e)    One half of the Board members or four members of the Board whichever is higher shall consitute the QUORUM.
f)    All decisions shall be carried out by the majority decision of the Board; and in the event of equality of votes, the Founder presiding over the meeting shall have a casting vote.
g)    Any resolution in writing signed by all the trustees shall be binding on the Board as though it has been based at a meeting of the Board of Trustees.
h)   The meetings of the Board shall be convened after giving atleast a weeks notice, unless those who are entitled to receive notice agree to accept a shorter notice.
i)    The Managing Trustee may invite others interested in the work of the Trust to attend the meetings of the Board but they shall not be entitled to vote there at.
i)    The Managing Trustee may invite others interested in the work of the Trust to attend the meetings of the Board but they shall not be entitled to vote there at.
7.     ACCOUNTS :
a)    The Managing Trustee shall cause true and correct accouts to be kept of the money received and expenses on behalf of the Trust.  The accounts of the Trust shall be examined and a chartered accountant shall certify the correctness of the same.
        The Financial Year of the Trust shall be from 1st April to 31st March.
b)  The Trustees shall be indemnified against any expenses, or losses incurred or suffered, or any payments made by them, in the administration of the Trust and such expenses and losses and payments shall be borne by the Trust and none of the Trustees shall in any way be made liable personally or made responsible for the same.
        In the event of the dissolution of the trust, if any property movable or immovable remains after satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities on the date of dissolution shall under no circumstances be distributed among the trustees, but the same shall be transferred to a trust having same object as BHARAT FOUNDATION and which enjoys recognition under the section 80G of the Income Tax  act 1961.
        With the prior approval of Commissioner of Income Tax the Managing Trustee shall be at liberty to add or alter or abrogate any of the provisions of the Trust other than the objects of the Trust, in a manner not inconsistent with the object of the Trust.
        It is hereby declared that the Trustees are not entitled for any benefits directly or indirectly accrued from the Trust and that this trust objects and its implementation shall not be for the benefit of any particular caste or religious community as such.
        The Trustees hereby declare that the Trust is a public and charitable trust and it is an irrevocable one.
        The income and funds of the trust shall be utilized soleby towards the objects of the trust and no portion of it shall be used for payment to trustees by way of profit or dividend, excepting the reimbursement of the trust expenses and the reasonable remuneration for the services rendered to the trust.
        The Trust may be dissolved at any time.  The said clause provides only for the transfr of assets to another Trust/Association having similar objects.  It may be suitably modified to ensure that the assets/liabilities are transferred to a trust not only having similar objects but also enjoying exemption u/s. 80G of the Income tax Act at the time of transfer.
        The objects / activities of the Trust shall be carried out only in India.
        The Trust will not function in the nature of onduction of a Business activity and not for the purpose of profit.  It would satisfy the condition laid down in Sec.11 (4) and the provision to Sec.80G (5) (1) of the Income Tax Act.
        There is no other movable or immovable property to the Trust except the corpus fund Rs.1000/-
IN WITNESS WHEREOF THE FOUNDER OF THE TRUST         has set his hands they’re unto this day of the    day of 



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