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Day Medical Functions

Feb 4                      World Cancer Day
Mar 2nd Thursday      World Kidney Day
Mar 23                    World Tuberculosis Day
Apr 2                      World Autism Awareness Day
Apr 6                      Transgender Day Of Empowerment (TDOE)
Apr 7                      World Health Day
Apr 17                     World haemophilia day
Apr 25                     International Noise Awareness Day & World Malaria Day
May 8                     World Red Cross Day
May 9                     Mothers Day
May 1st Tuesday       World Asthma Day
May 12                    International Nurses day
May 15                    Family day
May 19                    World Hepatitis Day
May 31                    No-tobacco day
June 14                   World Blood Donation Day
Jun 26                     Anti-emergency day & Anti drug abuse day
July 1                      Doctors day
July 11                    World population day
Aug1-7                    World Breast feeding week
Sep 1st Sunday         National Grandparents Day
Sep 10                    World Suicide Prevention Day
Sep 28                    World Heart Day & World Rabies Day
Oct 4                      World animal welfare day
Oct 10                    World Mental Health Day & World sight day
Oct 11                    World allergy awareness day
Oct 16                    World food day
Nov 2                      World Pneumonia Day
Nov 14                    World diabetes day
Nov 19                    world toilet day
Dec 1                      World AIDS Day
Dec 3                      Disabled person’s day

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