Trust Activities

  • Assist as volunteer in Free Medical Camp & Blood donation camps of other NGO's programs
  • Issue useful public website list for public to avoid que, save time & money in government offices
  • Free Website renewal and Website maintenance for best real NGO's 
  • We buy and gift handy crafts only for our office decorations to support self-help groups
  • Free education for uneducated labors, unemployed youth & school dropouts on sundays & holidays
  • To create awareness about importance of voluntary blood donation and eye donation.
  • Providing consultancy service to to different networks like NGOs & women self-help groups
  • We provide newspapers for public people reading and knowledge development 
  • Conduct IT Education courses with Discount for rural students.
  • Discounts in Software and Hardware Support to social service organisations.
  • Promote the others social service related banners in internet.
Camps conducted:

Breastfeeding Awareness Program
Women's Health Awareness camp
Free medical Camp
Free email ID creation camp
Summer camp

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